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Homework Policy

Homework Policy                Spelling Button.png

There are many tools to help your child be successful with his/her homework.

Your child will receive 3 coupons each quarter that can be redeemed on late

assignments. Late assignments, which will receive partial credit, must be

completed and handed in with the coupon attached. Your child will have 20

minutes of study time at the end of each day. I am expecting your child to

complete and use his/her agenda book. Canby Elementary School also has the

homework room available from 3:15-4:00pm each day. I encourage your child to

take advantage of it. If your child does not use the homework room, please

establish a Daily Homework Time. If for some reason there is a question on

homework, please initial indicating your child had difficulty.


Students can expect homework Monday through Thursday. Studies have shown

that 10 minutes per grade level of homework is one of the best indicators of

academic success. I believe that if your child works hard during the week

he/she will be able to enjoy a homework-free weekend.


Some of my expectations are:

1.Homework needs to be in school.

2.Homework needs to be ready at the beginning of class.

3.Homework needs to be complete.


If any of these expectations are not met a parent signature will be required

in the agenda book on a nightly basis. The student will also forfeit fifteen

minutes of celebration time on Fridays.


I believe that with these tools available to your child, homework can become

a successful part of your child’s daily routine.                                      


Working Together For Your Child!

 Deanna Baer