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Student Supply List

Supply List

1 box of 12 sharpened #2 pencils, 2 erasers, soft pencil case, 2 glue

sticks, Elmer's white glue, box of 24 crayons, 1 large box of tissue,

backpack, small box to hold supplies, 1 wide-lined spiral notebook,

2 foldlers--your choice, 3 folders (1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow)

colored pencils, pair of inexpensive ear buds, Fiskar's scissors (with pointed end),

1 highlighter, 1 box
of Crayola washable markers, clean tennis shoes for gym,

1 large
container of disinfectant wipes and 1 box of quart size Ziplock bags.


Some supplies may need to be replaced throughout the year as needed.