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How to Claim Your Scholarship

How to Claim your Scholarships

The way to claim any scholarship that you have received whether it is a Blue and Gold scholarship, a local scholarship or a different scholarship is to contact the organization and ask them;  How do I claim my scholarship?

Most all scholarships are sent to the educational institution that the recipient will be attending.  The scholarship check is usually made out to both the educational institution and the recipient.  Upon the educational institution receiving the check, the institution usually contacts the student to stop by financial aid to process the check and apply it to the student’s bill (this is not always the case).

Some scholarships are granted and can be received in the Fall semester following high school graduation, some require waiting until the spring semester, and some require the student to complete a full year of college before receiving the scholarship. A GPA of 2.0 is usually needed by the student during college to receive the scholarship, check with the scholarship organization to verify.

It is very important to keep all paperwork regarding scholarships in your brown folder.