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7th grade Spanish websites

La comida
quizlet for la comida

Los colores y la ropa
quizlet for los colores y la ropa

La casa
quizlet for the house

Days, months & numbers
Quizlet for Days, months, & numbers

Descriptive adjectives & Pets
Quizlet for adjectives & pets

La familia
quizlet for la familia

Las lenguas y las ocupaciones
quizlet for lenguas y ocupaciones

Los números y la hora
quizlet for numbers & time

Las despedidas, países, y cognados
quizlet for las despedidas, países, y cognados

Las lenguas y las ocupaciones
quizlet for las lenguas y las ocupaciones

Los saludos/las despedidas
quizlet los saludos y las despedidas

American product blunders
American product blunders
American product blunders 2

Final review
conversation blanks
conversation review
rags to riches vocab review
countries hangman
clothing hang man

Days of the week sites
Days match
days picture puzzle
days in order
Days & months hangman

Numbers 11-100
number match
numbers rags to riches

months hidden picture
picture quiz with animals & colors too

Color sites

COLORS matching

vocab review jeopardy

colors millionaire

colors hangman

House sites
picture matching

click on picture

matching/concentration games

Adjective sites
general adj. Q & A rags to riches

Family sites
family matching

Family rags to riches

family hangman



S. America capitals hangman

general geo questions

rags to riches geography

map quiz

Timed map quiz

drag & drop countries


greetings & ABC battleship

greetings & good-byes battleship 2

greetings column game

vowel typing game


listen & type numbers

typing number game

numbers rags to riches game

number matching game

number concentration game


Rags to riches game time

pick time & listen

column match time

pull down time

match time & clocks

clock hand game

clothing & colors game

telling time game

flower verb game

llama land verb game

possessive adjectives

Not working because of Flash or something
family vocab 

family tree game