Course Expectations

7th and 8th grade English Syllabus:



Timed Reading Plus

·         Read Story

·         Answer questions

·         Correct and hand in
TR+ Test on Thursdays


·         Introduce new vocab words on Monday

·         Complete lessons-due Friday

·         Test words/complete and correct packets & worksheets


·         Learn about grammar

·         Complete lessons

·         Correct in class, or hand in or complete as homework

Classroom/Independent reading
Literature discussions
Worksheets, journals, lessons

Adventures for Reading
Literature Stories
Discussion, questions, worksheets, tests

Message Monday
Students put positive notes in a bowl and on every Monday we read them in class.
These notes are to remain anonymous but leave an influence of good attributes among the class. 



Music Journaling

Vocab quiz/Correct packet


·         Introduce elements

·         Read story in class

 Analyze message within story/novel

·         Answer questions

·         Prepare for quiz/test


Verbal=10 points

Written=  10 points
AR Reading Requirements:

20 reading points=A
15 reading points=B
10 reading points=C
 5 reading points=D


This schedule is subject to change in the event of late starts, events, programs, projects and other incidentals. My point with this schedule is to complete a year of learning every aspect in regards to English.



*Respect yourself, the teacher, and others in the class

*Cell phones are off and in basket

*When the bell rings, be ready to work-have everything with you

*Limit talking – when I’m talking you are NOT talking

*No sleeping

*Always have something to read in the event you are done with an assignment before others



This is a great way to enforce reading for students. Below is the scale for AR Reading. The student is accountable for his/her grade. One must complete all the criteria for the grade. The criteria involves completing one verbal and one written book report. I will provide the guide to the student.  Below is the grade the student wishes to earn.  These points and reports are due by the end of the semester, not the quarter.  Semester two starts new requirements.
Verbal: One must present a book they read this semester to the class.  This is a great way for kids to experience public speaking and a great way for other students to hear about books that are being read in the event someone might be interested too.                  
Written:  One must write up a book report of one book he/she reads per semester.  The criteria will be given to them in class. 
A: 20 points
B: 15 points
C: 10 points
D:   5 points
F:    0 points 

Materials Needed:

2 notebooks –                          (Channel One, Music Journal, and notes for                                                   grammar/literature)

1 folder-                                  (Homework and study guides)

Red Pens, pencils, and highlighters-(completing worksheets, correcting papers, highlighting information)

Jumpdrive-                               (To save work, assignments, and projects)


*Vocab books Music notebooks will stay in the classroom.


*Walk into the classroom and check the whiteboard for assignments due and will do. 

*Have assignments ready to hand in.

*Be prepared on days of tests/quizzes. Use the beginning of class to review.

*Look on the whiteboard for assignments, schedule, and/or changes. Record these in your agenda if you wish.



Assignments and grades:

I will update grades daily.  I have assignments, worksheets and information in my room so in the event if someone misses class, they can get caught up quickly.  People get sick, have appointments, and are at events, but all I ask is to do your best to be caught up and inform me when you will miss class. Communication goes a LONG way!




100-95             =A


94-90               =A-


89-87               =B+


86-84               =B


83-80               =B-


79-77               =C+


76-74               =C


73-70               =C-


69-68               =D+


67-66               =D


65-                   =D-


64 or below     =F


If you have any questions or concerns, I would appreciate it if you would contact me as soon as possible. I feel issues are better if resolved right away- instead of waiting. My goal is to put grades in daily. If you feel there is a mistake or an error, please feel free to contact me. I’m working for your child’s education and I want him/her to be the best he/she can be!

 12th Literature

 Materials Needed:  Notebook, folder, pens, pencils, jumpdrive, highlighter and a smile!

Topics that will be discussed:

  • Grammar
  • Writing assignments
  • Literature
    • Short story
    • Poetry
    • Novel
    • Literature elements
  • ​Things that are expected in the classroom
  • Good discussion in regards to stories, ideas and opinions
  • Creative thinking and writing
  • Respect with one self and with others
  • Reading in class and outside of class
  • Notetaking
  • Comparison of book to movie
  • Different types of analysis towards different projects
  • Good attitude


  • No sleeping
  • Good attitude
  • Hard work and effort            
  • No plagiarism
  • Respect, Respect, and….Respect
  • Pushups if respect for students, teacher and or classroom is NOT met.

I plan on grading due to participation, work turned in, and tests.  My goal is to expand your horizons as far as critical and creative thinking.  This will be fun and educational – it is possible!  



11th Grade Composition Syllabus

Materials Needed: Notebook, folder, pens, pencils, jumpdrive, highlighter and a smile!

Topics that will be discussed:

·       Writing assignments:

   Every week the students will get a Vocabulary packet that will consist of ten words to learn.  The packet has exercises to complete to understand the word in it's full understanding.  On Friday, there is a Vocabulary test on the ten words.
   Every day the students will read a TR+ story.  They answer the questions at the end.  This improves word understanding, build comprehension, find topic sentence, organize facts, distinguish fact from opinion, make correct inferences, and understanding the main idea of the piece.  Monday thru Thursday I read the story with them, we correct, and they see how they do with their score.  On Friday, the student reads and completes the story on their own.  This one is tested and graded.  
Weekly Newspaper Articles
   Every Monday the students will have time in class to research a news article.  This article must be something that is current.  Sometimes I will assign the type of article to research: sports, politics, local news, national news etc.  With this assignment they are to read the article and identify the 5 w's - who, what, when , why, where of the story.  This assignment is due every Friday. 
   Since this is a composition class, we will write essays.  I will go over all the basics and elements with each type of paper we tackle.  We do a lot of work within class so I can assist them with their ideas, research, and writing style.  My goal is that by the time they are done with this class, they will feel more comfortable putting ideas and facts on paper in an organized, timely matter. 

Things that will be expected in class:

·         Good discussion in regards to research, ideas and opinions

·         Creative thinking and writing

·         Respect with one self and with others

·         Reading in class and outside of class

·         Notetaking

·          Good attitude


·         No sleeping


·         Good attitude

·         Hard work and effort

·         No plagerism

·         Respect, Respect, and….Respect

I plan on grading due to participation, work turned in and tests. My goal is to expand your horizons as far as critical and creative thinking. This will be fun and educational – it is possible!