Lesson Plans - 8th

Earth Science - Week of 5-22 to end
 Monday Earthquakes and plate tectonics. Do puzzle in class. Assign follow up questions.
 Tuesday Weathering and erosion. Assign graph weathering of rocks and questions.
Wednesday Launch 2L bottle rockets. Give review assignments (due friday)
 Thursday 2L bottle rocket results and prizes. Review for final.
 Friday Revies assignment due (correct and keep to study) Review activities.
 Tuesday - final test

Earth Science - Week of 5-15 to 5-19, 2017
 Monday Papers, grades, folders. Go over test.
Intro to Earth's structure. Give intro assignment (due Wednesday)
 Tuesday Launch plain bottles. Record data (time aloft and observations).
Wednesday Work on 2L bottle rockets (wrap bottles and cut fins). Discuss volcanoes. Assignment - volcanoes of the world (due tomorrow). 
 Thursday Work on 2L bottle rockets (attach fins). Share  volcanoes (mapping) and discuss ring of fire. Begin video.
 Friday Work on 2L bottle rockets (make and attach cones). Assign decorating if desired. Discuss plate tectonics. Do plate tectonics puzzle and questions.
Earth Science - Week of 5-22 to 5-26, 2017
 Monday Surface processes - weathering. Assignment, graph rock weathering results.
 Tuesday Follow up questions on rock weathering lab.  Discuss erosion and deposition. Quiz.
 Wednesday Rocket launches. Record time aloft and observations. Compare results.
 Thursday Review activities (for final test)
 Friday Review activities (for final test)
 Tuesday - May 30  Final Test 

Earth Science - Week of 5-8 to 5-12, 2017
 Monday Papers, grades, folders. Make-up work. Cleaning. 
 Tuesday Cemetery Rock field study. Take pictures.
 Wednesday Put together pictures, ID rocks, ID minerals contained...
Give review assignment (due Friday)
 Thursday Review activity for minerals and rocks.
 Friday TEST - Minerals and Rocks
 Next week

Earth Science - Week of 5-1 to 5-5, 2017
 Monday Papers & folders.
Extra credit reminder.
Rock lab update (acid weathering).
MCA Sampler
 Tuesday Slime Science (MCA test during morning)
 Wednesday Slime Science (MCA test during morning)
 Thursday Review rocks.Compare and contrast metamorphic rocks.
Cover the Rock Cycle. Assign WS on The Rock Cycle.
 Friday Rock ID activity (use flow chart). Do last measurement of rock weathering lab (clean rocks, mass, lay out to dry, will use on Monday)
 Next week Identify rocks in lab, field study rocks, finalize rock weathering lab, cover weathering and erosion.

Earth Science - Week of 4-24 to 4-28, 2017
 Monday Papers & folders. Explain extra credit.
Mineral hardness - discuss and do.
Give assignment "minerals" due Wednesday
 Tuesday Update rock weathering lab. Special mineral properties. ID Minerals, finish.
Work on assignment
 Wednesday "Minerals" WS is due. Go over igneous rocks & fill in foldable. Give assignment "a crust full of rocks"  "rocks and their uses" and "rock types" (due Friday)
 Thursday Sedimentary rocks. Fill in foldable for notes. 
 Friday Metamorphic rocks. Quiz. 
 Next week  Do Science sampler and MCA test

Earth Science - Week of 4-17 to 4-21, 2017

Monday No school
Tuesday Hand back papers, folders. Review elements & compounds, intro to minerals. Assign WS "elements, compounds, and minerals" due Wednesday.
Wednesday What is a mineral. Assign wordsearch "intro to minerals" due Friday.
Thursday Begin mineral identification.
Friday Update rock weathering lab. Quiz. Complete and hand in "intro to minerals' ws
Next week Finish minerals, start rocks.

Earth Science - Week of 4-10 to 4-14, 2017
 Monday Update acid weathering lab.
Hand out papers, folders. Go over test. Climate data, mean and range. Assign "Climate calculations" page 1.
 Tuesday Climatographs - how to. Make Honolulu in class. Canby climatograph for homework.
 Wednesday Factors determining climate. Assign the remaining parts of "Climate Calculations" page 2.
 Thursday Put together climate comparison project. Make-up work etc...
 Friday no class.
 Next week  Begin Geology.

Earth Science - Week of 4-3 to 4-7, 2017
 Monday Hand out papers, folders. Go over quiz. Share Sky view app.
Review air masses --> fronts and station model symbols. Assignment Air Masses, "Fronts and Station Models" due tomorrow.
 Tuesday QR Code Activity & Creating a weather map. Due tomorrow.
 Wednesday Climate, Canby's climate. Do page one of "Canby's Climate."
 Thursday Review meteorology, 3x3 activity and task cards. Quizizz assignment for review.
 Friday TEST - Meteorology
 Next week finish climate. Begin Geology.

Earth Science - Week of 3-27 to 3-31, 2017
 Monday No class. Teacher inservice.
 Tuesday Hand out papers, folders. Go over quiz. Review heat transfer, show convection bag.
Humidity measurement activity and assignment (due twomorrow).
 Wednesday  Temperature as a weather factor. Isotherm map making. (groups) and assignment.
 Thursday Complete the isotherm map in groups. Go over air masses. 
 Friday Go over fronts. Quiz.
 Next week complete weather maps. TEST on meteorology

Earth Science - Week of 3-20 to 3-24, 2017
 Monday Hand out papers & folders. Preview pressue and winds.
Show balloon bottle -->wind.  Begin moisture in the atmosphere. Assignment - wordsearch and questions.
 Tuesday Clouds. Assign clouds WS.
 Wednesday  Precipitation. Assign precip WS AND quizlet due by Friday (before quiz)
 Thursday Humidity. Begin lab measuring humidity. 
 Friday Finish lab. Quiz.
 Next week temp, fronts, maps

Earth Science - Week of 3-13 to 3-17, 2017
 Monday Hand out papers, grades, folders. Review heat transfer, stations. WS on heat transfer due tomorrow
 Tuesday Pressure - discuss. Demo balloon in bottle, crush a can. Give WS packet on Pressure, due Friday.
 Wednesday  Pressure underfoot activity.
 Thursday Pressure and wind, measuring wind. Work on assignment packet, due tomorrow.
 Friday Finish notes. Correct assignments. Quiz - heat transfer & pressure.
 Next week moisture in the atmosphere.

Earth Science - Week of 3-6 to 3-10, 2017
 Monday Hand out papers, tests, folders. Go over test. Intro to meteorology, composition of the atmosphere. Begin word search (due Wednesday)
 Tuesday Lab, set up - Air, Quite a Mixture. Work on assignment.
 Wednesday  Word search & questions are due.
Finish lab and calculations. Go over atmosphere layers. Assign drawing.
 Thursday Review atmosphere layers. Hand in drawing. Discuss & demo heat in the atmosphere. Assign WS , due tomorrow.
 Friday Update rock weathering lab. Correct assignments. Quiz.
 Next week Begin Meteorology

Earth Science - Week of 2-27 to 3-3, 2017
 Monday Period 4 - do activity with water cycle, PT conferences.
 Tuesday Discuss & notes on water cycle. Assignment WS due tomorrow.
 Wednesday Pairs review water cycle. Do concept map for review of hydrology. Assignment - do Quizizz for review.
 Thursday TEST - Hydrology
 Friday No school.
 Next week Begin Meteorology

Earth Science - Week of 2-20 to 2-24, 2017
 Monday Papers & folders, grades. Discuss groundwater through hard & soft water. Hard vs soft water activity. Assign WS packet (due on Friday)
 Tuesday Soft vs hard water - inquiry lab.
 Wednesday Water issues peer share and grade
 Thursday Water purification activity
 Friday Finish water purification activity. WS packet is due.
 Next week Finish water. Test on hydrology.

Earth Science - Week of 2-12 to 2-17, 2017
 Monday Papers & folders, grades. Discuss ocean motion. Assign WS due tomorrow.
 Tuesday Water use Scattergories. Problems with water. Assign research on one water issue.
 Wednesday Prepare water issue summary presentation.
 Thursday Prepare water issue summary presentation.
 Friday Update the Rock Weathering lab. Peer share water issues keynote.
 Next week Water purification, hard/soft...

Earth Science - Week of 2-6 to 2-9, 2017
Monday Papers & folders. Distribution of water. Assign WS graphing water distribution plus crossword.
 Tuesday The oceans. Assign WS "The Oceans"
 Wednesday Exploring desnity currents lab. Assign review (quizlet).
 Thursday Quiz.
 Friday No school.
 Next week Motion of the ocean

Earth Science - Week of 1-30 to 2-3, 2017
Monday Papers & folders. Intro to Hydrology (importance of water and its properties). Assignment - word search and questions (due Wednesday)
 Tuesday Finish water's properties. Word Search is due tomorrow. Timeline of space exploration project summary is due today)
 Wednesday Distribution of water, the world ocean, properties of ocean water. Assign WS.
 Thursday Density layering activity. Questions due tomorrow.
 Friday Surface currents, effect on climate.
 Next week Problems with water.

Earth Science - Week of 1-23 to 1-27, 2017
 Monday Papers & folders. Life Cycle of stars (reading and flow chart). Assignment: term scramble due by Wednesday)
 Tuesday Constellations - discuss and how-to-find. Assign WS on constellations.
 Wednesday Finish constellations assignment. Discuss star groups, galaxies. Assign WS on deep sky objects (need StarWalk app)
 Thursday Timeline of space exploration.
 Friday Update the Rock Weathering lab. Quiz. Finish timeline.
 Next week Begin hydrology

Earth Science - Week of 1-16 to 1-20, 2017
 Monday Do round 2 of bottle flip
Star characteristics - temp, magnitude, size, distance. Groups work on back side of yellow assignment "Star Characteristics"

 Tuesday H-R Diagram activity. Finish questions for homework.
 Wednesday Do round 3 of bottle flip. Life Cycle of Stars. Review. Review Quizizz assignment online.  https://join.quizizz.com 803473
 Thursday Finals of bottle flip (during lunch)
Quiz on Stars.
 Friday No school - teacher's inservice
 Next week Constellations and galaxies

Earth Science - Week of 1-9 to 1-13, 2017
 Monday Hand back test, go through, discuss test corrections. Papers, grades, folders.
Begin stars. Go through nebular theory. Assignment - intro to stars word search and questions.
 Tuesday No school - snow day.
 Wednesday Word search & questios due. Release of energy from stars, E=mc2. Work on assignment "The Sun & Stars."
 Thursday Sun structure and surface features. Make keynote summary of surface features (describe and images). 
 Friday Star characteristics. Color, temp, composition, and magnitude. Work on packet.
 Next week Finish stars, galaxies.

Earth Science - Week of 1-3 to 1-6, 2017
 Monday No school
 Tuesday Papers, folders. Go through moons and asteroids. Wrok on asteroids assignment. Complete for Wednesday.
 Wednesday Meteoroids and comets. Make drawing in SN. Work on Assignments (due Friday)
 Thursday Complete the solar system. Kahoot for review.
 Friday TEST (open notes)
 Next week Stars

Earth Science - Week of 12-19 to 12-22, 2016
 Monday Planet presentations , take notes. Assign Quizizz (due by 12/21 at 4)
 Tuesday Finish planet presentations, take notes.
 Wednesday Quiz, pg 61-70. Update rock weathering lab.
 Thursday No class
 Friday No class
 Next week finish the solar system

Earth Science - Week of 12-12 to 12-16, 2016
 Monday Papers, folders. Intro to Solar System. & nebular theory.
 Assign word search.
 Tuesday Scale model of Solar system. Begin Group project (assign planets and groups).
Assign - age & weight on other planets.
 Wednesday Set up SN for planets (pages 63-66). Show Earth presentation w space suit & narrative. Assign WS - 
 Thursday Other things in our solar system - Moons
Assign WS - 
Planet presentations.
 Friday Other things in our solar system - Asteroids, meteoroids.
Planet presentations.
 Next week Finish planet presentations. Other things in the solar system - comets, kuiper belt, oort cloud. Review. TEST on Solar Systems.

Earth Science - Week of 12-4 to 12-9, 2016
 Monday Papers, grades, folders. Moon characteristics. Assign WS comparing Earth to the moon. 
 Tuesday Calendar activity. Phases of the moon. Assign WS - moon phases (with StarWalk app).
 Wednesday Eclipses. WS on eclipses.
 Thursday Tides. Assign Quizlet for review.
 Friday Quiz - The moon
 Next week The solar system

Earth Science - Week of 11-28 to 12-2, 2016
 Monday Earth's rotation. Assignment - word search. Lab report on bottle flipping is due on Thursday.
 Tuesday Earth's revolution. Assignment - Quizizz. 
Enter the 6-digit game code 181091  , and click "Proceed"
 Wednesday Finish revolution and seasons. Do ellipse drawing. Assign Worksheet.
 Thursday Lab report is due (bottle flipping activity)
Day length activity (look up and graphing). Assign review.
 Friday Update rock weathering lab. Quiz. 
 Next week The moon

Earth Science - Week of November 21-23, 2016
 Monday TEST - Matter
 Tuesday Do bottle flipping day 1.
 Wednesday Do bottle flipping day 2
Return tests, grades, folders.
 Thursday Thanksgiving break
 Friday Thanksgiving break
 Next week Start Astronomy.

Earth Science - Week of November 14-18, 2016
 Monday Return Quizzes and go over. Hand back papers and class folders. Physical Changes of matter. Assign WS packet pg 1-2 on Physical changes.
 Tuesday Particle diagrams for change of state. Chemical changes. Assign WS packet pg 3-4 on Chemical changes
 Wednesday Set up rock weathering lab. Bottle flipping day 1.
 Thursday Review activities on Matter. Review assignment
 Friday Test - Matter
 Next week  Bottle flipping inquiry lab and Astronomy history.

Earth Science - Week of November 7-11, 2016


Particle Theory (page 1-2) discuss & notes. Assign "What did the grape do when it was stepped on?"
Research on bottle flipping.

 Tuesday Make fruit loops pure vs mixture. Discuss physical properties. Make fruit loops Solid, liquid, gas. Assign, what's the best way to stop a charging bull?
 Wednesday Activity - identifying the physical properties of substances.
 Thursday Set up rock weathering lab. Discuss chemical properties. Assign "What happened when the grasshopper was told to eat corn?"?
 Friday Bottle flipping 1. Quiz on Particle theory, physical and chemical properties.
 Next week Physical and chemical changes

Earth Science - Week of October 31-November 3, 2016


Hand back test, go over, grades, folders. Review compounds, finish assignments. 
Acids & bases.  Assignment; bring a jar with a lid plus a handful of rocks (for weathering lab). Assignment - acids & bases (front due tomorrow) .

 Tuesday Mixtures. discuss and examples. Assignment - review (back due tomorrow).
 Wednesday Quiz - elements, compounds, mixtures.
 Thursday Set up weathering lab.
 Friday Teachers' Inservice Day
 Next week States of matter, Properties of matter, Physical and chemical changes.

Earth Science - Week of October 24-28, 2016


Hand back test, go over, grades, folders. Intro to matter. Assignment - element word search

 Tuesday Elements. Particle theory. Protons, neutrons and electrons. Assign - WS fill in PT boxes plus info table.
 Wednesday Electron arrangement. Pairs do paper plate atomic models. Other info from PT. Assign crossword.
 Thursday Compounds intro, formulas. Assign WS What's in a compound?
 Friday Acids & bases. pH scale. Quiz.
 Next week acids & bases, mixtures, properties

Earth Science - Week of October 17-19, 2016


Finish presentations.

 Tuesday Complete notes on resource guide in SN. Review activity.
Assignment for Review, work time.
 Wednesday TEST on Energy - can use SN.
 Thursday Fall Break
 Friday Fall Break
 Next week Matter

Earth Science - Week of October 10-14, 2016


Finish energy transformations. Put pocket in notebook.

 Tuesday Grades, folders. Add resource guide for types of energy to notebook.
Assign energy source presentations...work time. 
 Wednesday Present nuclear energy. Work time.
 Thursday Presentations Biomass, wind, geothermal
 Friday Presentations, Fossil Fuels, Solar, hydroelectric
 Next week finish energy, test on Wednesday.

Earth Science - Week of October 3-7, 2016


Return Tests and go over. Hand back papers, class folders. Intro to energy, define. Assign definitions (due Thursday)

 Tuesday Complete intro, KE vs PE. Assign.
 Wednesday Lab/Activity - balls and conservation of energy.
 Thursday Energy transformations. Stations. Finish as assignment.
 Friday Quiz on energy. Resource guide into SN. Assign presentation groups.
 Next week Energy presentations.

Earth Science - Week of September 26-30, 2016


Return Quizzes and go over. Hand back papers, class folders, grades.  Go over speed formula. Assignment - speed problems.

 Tuesday The scientific method - discuss steps, then do Rolling ramp example (in class example). Write questions and steps. (give groups 1 variable to explore)
 Wednesday The Scientific Method. Collect data, make tables and graphs.
 Thursday Finish collecting data and writing lab report. In-class review for test. Assignment - review for test.
 Friday TEST - Measurement, density, speed, sci method..
 Next week Energy

 Earth Science - Week of September 19-23, 2016


Return Quizzes and go over. Hand back papers and class folders. Measure density of water, compile results. Assign problems on density.  

 Tuesday Make the density column. Activity - does it float?
 Wednesday Types of graphs and graphing practice assignment.
 Thursday In class, make speed graph display. Speed problems for assignment. 
 Friday   Quiz, speed and density.
 Next week Rolling ramp activity.

 Earth Science - Week of September 12-16, 2016
 Monday Return Quizzes and go over. Hand back papers and class folders. Set up ISN. Begin Lab Safety WS (due tomorrow). 
 Tuesday Notes on lab safety. Watch lab safety video and record rules. Scenarios and stations. Do review of measuring length, area, and volume for assignment.
 Wednesday Measurement review/notes, length, area, and volume (solid and liquid).
 Thursday Measuring mass. Practice using balances, lab activity.
 Friday Quiz on safety and measurement; length, area, volume, mass.
 Next week  Density measurement.

 Earth Science - Week of September 6-9, 2016
 Monday  No School - Labor Day
 Tuesday  First day of school, intro to science. (leave composition book here)
Assignments - Finish "Who I Am" and "Day One Demos"
 Wednesday  Discuss classroom procedures. Introductions. Group activity; a good student is and student authored rules.
Assignment - DHMO; read about DHMO on dhmo.org. be prepared to talk about what you read.
 Thursday  DHMO discussion and the need to science instruction. 
Review procedures. Vote on student rules.
Assignment - Textbook Scavenger Hunt
 Friday Correct assignments. Reveal student rules.
Quiz on rules, procedures, location of materials, etc...
Assignment (optional) - finish coloring page (will use for front of ISN or folder)
 Next week  We will format interactive science notebook (ISN) on Monday and start with science content.

Other things in our solar system
Other things in our solar system