Learning At A Distance

Welcome to your Learning at a Distance experience. 

I will be putting the lessons for both classes on this page so be sure to check and make sure you are looking at the correct class.

Advanced Tech. - we will be doing some learning about Malware, Viruses, trojans and other fun stuff. There will be a short reading activity and then I have created a tutorial to show you how to install a program on your home computer and run a scan to check for different malware. The program is free and might enlighten you as to how healthy your home computer is or is not. Make sure you inform parents as to what you are doing because they sometimes have some concerns. If you follow directions it is a safe and good activity.
malwarebytes tutorial.mp4

Aviation - Today we will be using our AOPA account to learn about a topic in aviation. In order to do this you will need to remember your login and password to the http://www.aopa.org site. Once logged in you can do to the education tab and then online courses. For today, we will be looking at the "Unmanned Aircraft and the Nation Airspace System". This activity will take you about 30 minutes to complete. Some will be faster... some slower. When finished, you should be able to write me a 5 paragraph paper highlighting what you see as your concerns for letting the unmanned vehicles into airspace with planes. There is a Quiz at the end of the tutorial so make sure you take a screen shot of your grade you received and email it to. Enjoy the learning!