Healthy Foods/Living
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Course Overview:
This elective course of Healthy Foods/Living is designed to give students a brief look at certain life skills for students to engage and endure in as they move forward to living a full and healthy life. This will be a very hands-on course that will range from preparing and cooking a variety of recipes with a focus on nutrition, engaging in multiple physical activities, as well as taking a look into future career paths. In order to make this a successful semester, all students must come to class with a positive attitude and a will to learn.

Class Expectations:

1. Students are expected to be RESPECTFUL of the rights of others. Raise your hand before speaking. Be quiet while others are talking. Respect all property in this classroom! If it’s not yours, LEAVE IT ALONE!
2. Students are expected to follow the school rules and codes. (See the Canby High School Student Handbook for information and school policies.)
3. Students will be in the classroom and in your seat before the tardy bell. 3 tardies=discipline referral.
4. Students are expected to be present and organized every day. Make sure you have all materials for class, INCLUDING appropriate dress apparel for lab days and/or physical activity days.
5. Attendance is an ESSENTIAL part of learning! Students are responsible for missing work when they return from an absence. It is YOUR responsibility to see me as soon as possible. I will not hunt you down to make up work. Also, if you are absent the day before a known assignment is due, you will be given 2 days to get that assignment made up (quizzes, labs, daily work, etc).
6. It will be at the teacher’s discretion as to how long late/make-up work will be accepted.
7. If you need help, ASK. If you don’t understand something, ASK.

Class Rules:

1. Give RESPECT, to Gain RESPECT!
2. LISTEN!!!
3. Come prepared mentally, emotionally and physically each day and ready to learn!

Course Components: (tentative in order)
Balancing Life
Meal Planning
Price Comparison
Food Safety
Weight Loss Programs
Sports Nutrition
Career Exploration
Field Trips/Guest Speakers possible
Students will earn their final grade in the following areas throughout the semester:
 In-Class Activities