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Visual Arts - Mrs. Ufkin
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Welcome to Canby Public School's Visual Art Department!  You will find student work for grades K-12 on this site.  I will be teaching the following classes / grades at these times through out the school year:
Art Classes:

  Art 1 (Intro to Art) - 2 sessions, period 7 and 8  (grades 10-12)
  Art 2 (Senior Art ) Period 4
  Grades K-3 will have art for 25 minutes once a week. 
  Grades 4-6 will have art for 25 minutes twice a week.
**PARENTS: students of elementary age children are encouraged to send an "art shirt" to school for kids to wear over their clothing on messy days and or have your child wear clothing that can get dirty or possibly stained.**

Grades 4-6 have art on T / Th
Grades K-1 have art on Wednesdays
Grades 2-3 have art on Fridays (Mrs. Snobl's class will be on Mondays)


Supplies for art class:

   colored pencils
   sketchbooks (or folder with blank printer paper)
   large eraser
   hand held pencil sharpener
   *other materials may be requested throughout the duration of the class.


  • Artwork at Kornerstone Kravings and Bakery!
    Check out Kornerstone for artwork from students K-12.
    8th Grade Art (Period 6):
    8th graders will have art first or second semester.  I am asking for students to have the following supplies ready for class:
    •Sketchbook (these can be found at Canby Drug, Walmart or craft stores like Hobby Lobby.)
    •Colored pencils
    •#2 pencils (mechanical is fine)
    •1 large eraser
    •1 hand held pencil sharpener
    I look forward to working with the 8th grade class.  Please contact me with any questions you may have. 8th grade work will be posted on this site as it is completed.
    Thank you!