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  • Day Twelve --Final Build Day

    Posted by chs director at 6/28/2013
    Inspection Friday 
    Today is our final day of build on the airplanes.  Build 1 is scheduled to be inspected by the FAA this afternoon.  The DAR will come in look at the plane, ask questions of the builders, give directives on things to be fixed or improved and hopefully grant an Airworthiness Certificate.  We will be finishing up cables, doors, etc. on build 2 today.  The panel for build 2 has yet to arrive, hopefully later this morning. 
    Below is a picture of the assitants and the kids that helped build the planes.  The assistants are in red t-shirts.
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  • Day Eleven 6/27

    Posted by chs director at 6/27/2013
    Rained out Yesterday
    Two Weeks To Taxi on Thursday!!! 
    Below is a picture of the kids & Dan with the plane we taxied today.  It started right up.  Way to go kids.
    Below is a picture of the kids with Mark Van Tine (far left) and Pete Bunce (far right).  The planes go to these two individuals. 
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  • Day Ten 6/26

    Posted by chs director at 6/26/2013
    Today is a BIG day.  Our goal is to taxi build 1.  To taxi means the plane will run and move on the ground, in aviation terms "it can taxi to the runway".  This will allow us to test all functions of the airplane before it is determined to be airworthy.  This will be done by an inspection from a Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) later next week.
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  • Day Nine 6/25

    Posted by chs director at 6/25/2013
    As day nine begins the kids continue to work hard.  Today John and Leah are working on the base plates for the seats.  Brandon and Wyatt are working on the heat protection for the hoses around the engine.
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  • Day Eight 6/24

    Posted by chs director at 6/24/2013
    As of today both planes have wings and engines attached.  Todays goal is to install the tail sections, put ailerons and flaps on build 2 and begin work on the pulley systems for both.
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  • Day Seven 6/23

    Posted by chs director at 6/23/2013
    On Sunday we toured the Boeing facility in Everett, WA.  Over 900 NBA basketball courts could fit into the building.  Each large door opening is over a football field in length.  Due to security rights we could not take pictures inside the facility.
    We also toured the Seattle International Airport and the Museum of Flight in Seattle.  Below are some pictures.
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  • Day Six 6/22

    Posted by chs director at 6/22/2013
    Saturday, Day 6 we are still ahead of schedule.  We logged over 50 hours again yesterday.  Todays goal is 40 hours.
    Today, two major projects are in store for the kids.  Wiring and finalizing the wings for the 2nd build.
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  • Day Five 6/21

    Posted by chs director at 6/21/2013
    Today are goal is to complete the tail section and cowling section of each plane.  The instrument panels are supposed to be in today.  If they come in, we will begin to install them as well.
    Below are the 8 students that have been working on
    the planes.  
    From left to right are Aidan, Leah, Kyle, Lee, Julia, Brandon
    Bottom are John and Wyatt. 
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    Below is Jeppesen President Mark Van Tine and GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce.
    The two Glasair Sportman aircraft we are helping to build will go to them.
    They are holding a newly designed Hartzell propellor.
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  • Day Four 6/20

    Posted by chs director at 6/20/2013
    A big morning for the build.  Both planes receive major parts.
    It has wings.
    The second engine goes on.
    Good morning to all who are keeping up with the Build a Plane project.
    To stay on schedule we need to complete 50 hours on each plane per day.  And once again we exceeded the 50 hours yesterday.
    Today, Wyatt is working on installing the engine in plane 2.  Brandon is finalizing the wings for installing on airplane 1.  Leah and John are working on the fuel system for plane 2.
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  • Day Three 6/19

    Posted by chs director at 6/19/2013
    We have experienced our first taste of Washington state weather.  It has been very rainy this morning.  The kids are enjoying the challenges of building a plane.  Below are few more pictures showing what the kids are accomplishing. 
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    Today the kids once again switched jobs on the airplane build.  Leah is working on the interior components of the wing.  Brandon is working on the tail section.  Wyatt and John are working on riveting the final outside piece on to the wing.
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