JMC Parent Access FAQ's

There are a number of new features to the JMC parent access.

  • To view an online video of the new features click "HERE"
  • To proceed to the JMC Parent Access Link click "HERE"


To view an attendance report for your children, click Attendance Report. Attendance information will be displayed for all children for whom you are a primary contact and will include attendance information spanning from the first day of school to the current date. The attendance information will be broken down by period and type (absent/tardy, excused/unexcused) and will include any reasons entered by the school office staff.

Progress Reports:

To view progress reports and lesson plans for your children, click Progress Reports / Lesson Plans. A list of available progress reports and lesson plans will be displayed for all children for whom you are a primary contact. The progress report will have the same information that has typically been printed and sent home in the blue folders, such as the student’s current grade and percentage, a scores summary, or comments.NOTE: Most teachers will NOT be using JMC to enter Lesson Plans.

Parent Information:

To view the parents' contact information and/or to submit changes to this contact information, click Parent Information. Parents can view and/or submit changes for the following information:

Title, first name(s), last name, address, city, state, zip code, email address, phone numbers (descriptions & types), and an optional comment for the office staff

Parents may make changes to any of the information on this screen and then click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen to send the changes to the school. Later, the school office will process parent information update requests. Including a comment with your submission may be very helpful to the office staff as they process update requests.

Lunch Account:

To view lunch account balances and transactions for your children’s accounts and your family account, click Lunch. The first screen will display the account balances for your family account and for student accounts for all students who have this parent designated as either a primary or a lunch contact. Click on the button to the right of any of the account balances and a list of all transactions for that account will be displayed.

Report Cards:

To view a basic report card for your children, click Report Card. Report card information will be displayed for all children for whom you are a primary contact. The report card will include the course names for which the student is taking, the names of the teachers for the courses, and the current year's grades for each term. The report card will NOT include comments, attendance, or GPA information.