For scholarships connected to the Blue/Gold Foundation you will need to do the following:

1.  If you received a memorial scholarship, send a “Thank You” to the family who funded it.

2.  If you received a community initiative scholarship, send a “Thank You” to Blue and Gold.

3.  After you have successfully completed your first semester of school (with at least a 2.0 grade point average), you are eligible for your scholarship.

4.  You must claim your scholarship within 2.5 years following your high school graduation.   NOTE:  Students that go Full-time Active Duty in any branch of the military have 10 years to claim their B/G scholarship.

5.  Send a short letter, that includes the address of where your scholarship(s) should be sent to, and a copy of your unofficial transcript to the following address.

Nancy Bormann, PA

Blue & Gold Fiscal Agent

108 St. Oalf Avenue North

Canby, MN   56220

or email to Nancy at

6.  A check will be sent to the institution you are or are planning to attend.  The check will be made payable to   you and the institution.  Be advised that SWIF will be issuing your scholarship money upon the Blue and Gold Foundation Boards’ approval at their monthly meetings.  This overall process could possibly take 6 weeks or longer.